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Email Notification for Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express


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You have got mail. Instant email notification.

Express Mail@Mate. Outlook Email Notification.Tired of checking your email application every five minutes while you're waiting for an important message? Express Mail@Mate checks mail tirelessly on email accounts (profiles) configured in your default email client so you don't have to.

Express Mail@Mate lets you know who is trying to contact you and what they have written. You will see immediately if your incoming email is important enough for you to interrupt your current work, or you can respond to it later.

Mail@Mate has great features and lots of options to tailor it to your needs. More advanced than an average notification tool it is handy, easy-to-understand and easy-to-use. Using nothing more than your email accounts (profiles) configured in your default email client, it checks mail tirelessly, so you don't have to continuously check up your email application.

People with Microsoft Exchange and Outlook with Exchange Server and Novell Group Wise accounts can use Express Mail@Mate as well as those with POP3 accounts configured in Outlook Express.
Note This version is compatible with MS Outlook 2000/2002 Email Security Update, so it can extract attachments blocked by Outlook.

Express Mail@Mate is compatible with:

  • Microsoft® Outlook™ 2002 (Microsoft Exchange Accounts Only)
  • Microsoft® Outlook™ 98/2000 (Corporate or Workgroup Mode Only)
  • Microsoft® Outlook Express 5.x/6.x (POP3 Accounts Only)
  • Microsoft® Outlook™ 97
  • Microsoft® Exchange Client.

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Express Mail@Mate v2.6.7

Express Mail@Mate is an award winning email notification program for Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express that runs as a convenient icon in the taskbar notification area (system tray), displays popup notification box and plays a notification sound when a new message arrives.

It delivers new messages to the inbox of default email client and allows to read incoming messages, create new, delete needless ones, extract attached files and lot more.

Key features:

  • uses the taskbar notification area (system tray) to display an icon that gives easy access to its features.
  • checks email on your Intranet or the Internet, and can connect to the Internet using default email client settings.
  • displays a popup notification box and plays a sound on new email message arrival.
  • uses different icons to indicate message type, whether messages have files attached, and whether messages are marked as read or unread.
  • offers a lot of configuration and notification options.
  • sorts messages by sender, subject, received date or size.
  • sets up font, style and size of text for message list, preview pane and message view window separately.
  • displays or not preview pane, message header, status bars.
  • plays or not new mail notification sound.
  • and lot more...

With Express Mail@Mate you can:

  • check for new messages and deliver them at the specified interval of minutes.
  • view a list of messages in the Inbox folder.
  • read messages either in a separate window or in the preview pane;
  • create new messages.
  • reply to senders or forward messages to someone.
  • extract attached files.
  • combine multipart messages to save the message text or attached files.
  • delete needless messages.
  • work with address books.
  • launch your preferred e-mail program.
  • and lot more...

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Look at the screenshots

 Main Program Window

Main Program Window

 Message View Window

Message View Window

What other people say

ZDNet Editor's Pick Email has become an integral part of our lives, but it isn't always practical to keep your mail program running all day. Check out Express Mail@Mate. This great, small email notification program integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, and Exchange clients. It minimizes to the system tray so that it takes up less space, and it uses fewer resources than a typical mail program. When an incoming message is detected, the system-tray icon changes to notify you of the new email. You can then open the message to read it or simply read it in the preview pane. Then delete, save, or respond to the message. Express Mail@Mate also allows you to see any attachments before they're run on your system. Once you decide they're safe, the attachments can be saved without needing to launch your regular mail program. (by ZDNet Downloads review)

Rated 5 Cows Sure, you like the "You've got mail!" notification that AOL brings to their users. You know that as of late you have been stuck with the little envelope in the taskbar to let you know if mail has arrived. Have no fear, Express Mail@Mate is the perfect alternative.
Express Mail@Mate is an e-mail notification tool for Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express and Exchange that runs in your taskbar as an icon and does a lot more than tell you when you have received new mail. It can deliver messages to your e-mail client and read create, delete, and extract messages. You can even use it if you don't have a POP3 account. (by Tucows, Inc. review) A great mail checker with one of the best methods to announce new mail... Most email clients can check for mail periodically, but the announcement methods are often poor. Express Mail@Mate fills this void with a highly useful pop-up notification similar to the one provided by MSN Messenger. And Express Mail@Mate can do more than that: you can preview and delete messages, or initiate new mails or replies in your default email client. Due to the tight MAPI integration, Express Mail@Mate needs hardly any configuration: it automatically uses the account settings of your default email client... (by About, Inc.)

A1 Express Mail@Mate is a small application that extends email usage while Outlook/ Outlook Express is not running. You can select a single profile, check email to your time periods, and even send email. It is a cute program, with a task- tray face that change expression and color depending on your email status. Excellent for Outlook users whom need the email without the hassle of the the bloated main program slowing down your PC. (by A1 YIPPEE)

Alerts and reminders are not just the features of desktop utilities. However, it may play a major role in communication through e-mails also. These days’ e-mails have become the lifeline of the modern communication world and almost everybody who uses computers uses email. Normally we send and receive many e-mails through in a day and thus it is important to be aware of arrivals of new mails in your mailbox. The traditional way to keeping a track record of incoming mails was to check them regularly. However, the modern way is the use of e-mail notification programs, which alerts you on the arrival of new mail in the your mailbox. Express Mail@Mate is one such advanced e-mail notification program for Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express and other MAPI compliant e-mail clients. This software not just informs you the arrival of the new mail, but it delivers new messages to the Inbox of your e-mail client and allows you to read incoming messages, create new, delete old messages and also download and save attachments, which have come along with the mail." (by Tribune Media Review)

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